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F. A. Q.


When did you start to work as an escort?

I started working in September 2010. I have always enjoyed casual sex and have been practicing to be your lover for almost one decade. I limit the numbers of the clients I meet to ensure that I am always fresh of mind and body.

Do you offer incall and outcall service? Do you work outside Bangkok?

I do not offer incall, I offer only outcall. Yes, I work outside Bangkok. I love traveling together with my clients whether it is an overnight break or a week long holiday.

Are you the actual person represented in the photos?

Yes, I am the lady in the photos and they represent me quite accurately.

Why do you hide the face on your personal photos?

True quality ladies involved in these sorts of arrangements understand the importance of privacy. I would hate to have someone think they have seen me on line when I am walking arm-in-arm with my parents, relatives or friends.

Do you enjoy what you do? How would you describe your personality?

What is not to like? I get the very best of you and I give you the very best of me! I have a very spontaneous and open-minded personality. I love to make people happy and put a smile on their face. Everyone that meets me is happy, relaxed and stress free... My job satisfaction is the highest of anyone I know. I adore intimacy and I treat every encounter as a date. I am a terrible liar and a worse actor, so you will soon know if I am not enjoying your companionship. I truly have the very best job!

Are you particular on age, looks or nationality?

I have met the very tall and the very short, the very skinny and the very large, both small and large penises, young and older men. I have met what society would call gorgeous and what it would call ugly! As long as you are clean and respectful you will be welcomed, to me there is always something attractive about you.

I am a larger / heavier man. Is that a problem?

No that is not a problem, at times it can be a challenge... All I ask is that you please clean and dry thoroughly between any skin folds... although you may smell sweet initially, it can be quite embarrassing for both of us if there is any odor there when we become active. So please pay special attention to these areas.

Would you meet a couple of mates?

Hell yes!!!! I am more than ok with that, in fact there is nothing more exciting than being the centre of attention... I would not meet a football team of course!

Do you offer fantasies?

Yes I do, please contact me to obtain further information. I am happy to do most things but while fucking my pussy and my ass without a condom might be your fantasy I wish you to know that I provide them only with a condom.

What can I expect from our time together?

I like to believe that a stranger is a friend I am yet to meet! Therefore you are simply a lover I am yet to enjoy. I want you to feel comfortable while you are with me, therefore I will do my best to make our meeting as relaxed as it would be when you catch up with someone that you have known for sometime. I want to: make you feel fantastic, help you realise your fantasies, make you feel like we are in love while we are together, reignite the passion you have inside you, feel that our meetings are natural and without payment, give you a memory to enjoy long after our time together is over.

What about sexual problems? Can you help me?

I am not a licensed therapist. I cannot guarantee that I will be able to help you. I am more than happy to help you work on any areas of concern, but please bring your honesty and sense of humor with you and lets have fun either way.

Do you meet disabled people?

Yes I do but it really depends on the disability. I have appointments with regular clients who are disabled.

I am new to escorts: what will our date be like?

I strive to make our first meeting like a reunion between old acquaintances, my desire is to get to know you. I will always take my time with you, so do not be afraid to anticipate and feel nervous like a first date! Remember that I am friendly, discreet and enthusiastic. I always strive to provide you with an exciting and memorable experience.

What are your main interests?

Anything and everything. Life is here to be experienced and lived. I love learning about other people and what they do and why they do it. I adore theater, cinema, concerts, dancing, traveling, great company, fine dining, good wine and good food.

What do you expect of me?

I expect to meet professional gentlemen with a sexy attitude and a good hygiene who treat me with respect. My services are rather exclusive and I like to make our time memorable and pleasant for both of us! Gifts and tips are not expected but are appreciated and remembered!